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industrial applications

Water and Waste Water
Industry Applications Expertise

As the water and wastewater treatment industries' premier source of proven control technology and applications expertise, only Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions has the capabilities to deliver complex instrumentation and controls projects on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to operations. Our applications expertise coupled with our expert control and information technologies are helping water, wastewater and sewerage services around the globe to meet their operating objectives with high- performance automation strategies.

Plant Applications
Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions has the capabilities to deliver both large and small applications, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, pump station controls, SCADA, remote networking, and simulator technology. From potable water processes to wastewater treatment and reclamation, we have the expertise for success in today's complex facilities.

Our approach centers first on understanding your needs, and then applying our proven methodologies where possible. We draw on a wealth of experience to solve your most challenging objectives.

  • Solids Processing
  • Nitrification/Denitrification Processing
  • Influent Pumping
  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Processes
  • Aeration
  • Clarification
  • Gravity Thickeners
  • Dewatering
  • Chemicals and Polymers
  • Disinfection
  • Filtration
  • Pump Stations
  • Main and Electrical Substations
  • Grit and Screening
  • Biological Solids Thickening
  • Primary Sedimentation Control Houses
  • Digestion
  • Plant-wide Scum Treatment
  • Dechlorination Rainfall Monitoring
Enterprise Applications
We've helped customers manage widespread, multiple-plant operations from a central operations center; meet the challenges associated with aging infrastructures and population growth; comply with stringent environmental regulations; realize performance efficiencies; and attain significant, long-term maintenance cost savings.

Enterprise applications get the right information to the right people and right places at the right time. In order to optimize your business, process, and assets, it is necessary to integrate real-time process and equipment information with transaction based enterprise business systems:

  • Financial Information System
  • Plant Design Process
  • Lab Information System (LIMS)
  • Process Control System
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Maintenance Management (EAM/CMMS)
  • Diagnostics System
  • Condition Based Monitoring System
  • Smart Instrumentation
Energy Management
The steady balance of plant demands and energy conservation plagues plant operators on a daily basis. Emerson's Electrical Control and Energy Management system bridges the gap by providing plants with the proper system management to catch the less-than-optimal equipment operations, and take action to return the system to normal - a cost effective solution to managing and maintaining efficient energy consumption.

Water and wastewater treatment facilities must manage plant assets by implementing an energy management program that balances plant demands with energy conservation. Having the capability to perform on-line contingency analysis based on current plant conditions and being able to implement predetermined strategies for a variety of abnormal or emergency situations is simply sound energy management practice.

Monitoring energy through a real-time contingency and optimization program allows plants to operate cost-effectively even during upsets or emergency situations. While consequences of a disturbance may not result in a direct loss of water treatment, if not responded to correctly, equipment can become damaged, extending the impact and severity of the original disturbance.

Emerson's Electrical Control and Energy Management system monitors electrical conditions and provides accurate response to changing conditions, allowing water and wastewater treatment plants to achieve stability in a timely manner. The system minimizes costs associated with energy consumption by properly managing plant assets - if continuous measurement of equipment performance reveals that a particular piece of equipment is out of its statistical process range, the system responds with the appropriate corrective action.

Energy consumption, if not managed efficiently, will result in higher energy costs, higher maintenance costs, quality inconsistencies, and even loss of the water treatment process. Emerson's Electrical Control and Energy Management system is proven to help water and wastewater treatment facilities meet energy demands while decreasing costs and improving plant efficiency and availability. In fact, investment in an Emerson Electrical Control and Energy Management system is typically recovered in less than two years.

Application Software
  • On-Line Plant Modeling
  • Optimization
  • Equipment Performance Modeling
  • Contingency Analysis/load Shedding
  • Remote Breaker Control
  • Synchronization
Environmental Standards
As the pressure builds for plant to maintain environmentally-sound and energy-efficient operations, Emerson continues to offer solutions that meet customers' needs.

For a quarter of a century Emerson has energized the water and wastewater treatment industries with innovative control solutions. Using Ovation™ expert technology, our strategies help customers ensure cleaner, safer water supplies and reduce environmental hazards. By eliminating the need for manual control, providing total plant control from one centralized location, and reducing unexpected downtime, our control systems enable water, wastewater, and sewage service providers to operate more efficiently and accurately. This added control helps our customers maintain operations to meet environmental standards.

Access to real-time information helps assure both process quality and compliance with environmental regulations. Tighter overall control and process visibility made possible by Ovation's integrated control architecture improves the management of treatment processes. By constantly adjusting chemical deployment based on flow levels and critical process measurement, for example, Ovation ensures better control over amounts of potentially harmful chemicals used in the treatment process. And, Ovation's integrated asset management software ensures that critical equipment, including mechanical equipment, electrical systems, process equipment and instruments and valves are properly operating and helping to meet environmental mandates.

When some of the largest metropolitan centers in the United States require efficient, constant monitoring and control, they turn to the experts, Emerson. They have invested millions in our techonology and in doing so have realized significant operation cost-savings, and many middle-sector plants have found the same as well:

  • Increased automation at the Aqueduct Filtration Plant, operated by the Los AngelesDepartment of Water and Power, allows complete control from one location, serving to increase efficiency and reduce error.
  • Access to real-time data at Detroit's Wastewater Treatment Plant allows effective monitoring and control to detect and isolate system leaks better, and to better control rapidly changing conditions such as storm water inflow.
  • Stable maintenance of plant chemistry levels enables more accurate anticipation of storm water flows, resulting in high quality effluent at the City of Akron.
  • Wide-area information network in San Diego County converges at Central Operations Management (COMC) for wastewater and storm water management, enabling efficient and environmentally optimal operation of disparate facilities.

Our SCADA solution provides effective management of wastewater collection and water distribution systems. Our SCADA strategies and architecture offer safe, cost-effective, and reliable control over plant processes.

Our Ovation™ SCADA solution provides effective management of wastewater collection and water distribution systems. Our SCADA strategies and architecture offer safe, cost-effective, and reliable control over plant processes. Implemented as either a standalone server or incorporated with Ovation control and information technology, our SCADA solution ensures continuous monitoring and control of plant operations such as:

  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Water distribution systems
  • Pump stations
  • Sewer diversion
  • Wet weather overflow protection
  • Water irrigation systems
  • Weather monitoring
  • Remote operations
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
By ensuring that operating parameters are adjusted according to changing situations, Ovation is able to prevent the overflow of untreated sewage into waterways during wet weather events thereby eliminating the subsequent health, environmental and regulatory consequences. And by providing continuous, up-to-date information from remote facilities, Ovation SCADA technology provides early detection of equipment failures that can also eliminate potential environmental problems.

Water and wastewater treatment plants depend upon reliable operation of remote equipment to continously and safely move effluent throughout the service area to the main station. Emerson's SCADA solution offers cost-savings benefits in numerous areas.