Engineering Products

nValid Precision Engineering (nPE) is able to provide equipment vital for facilities and project sites; from urban to remote locations, either on land or water, we are able to make sure all equipment is well suited for our clients' specific needs.

Valves & Instruments Products
Valves & Industrial Products
Fisher is the global market leader in control valves and regulators. Whether a large project or a single valve, nValids and Fisher have the experience you need in a wide range of applications in the Mining, Chemical, Power, Water & Waste Water, and Alternative Fuels.

NValid application engineers will help you specify the correct valve or regulator for your application. Our large Fisher inventory allows for fast delivery of parts, regulators, and full valve assemblies. .

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Process and Automation Products
Process Automation
nValid specializes in making plants more efficient and flexible through process automation and implementation of operations management and information systems. We help our customers gain a competitive advantage through improved process control and automation.

Together with Emerson Process Management, nValid offers the industry's broadest array of process-automation products.

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Industrial Application Products
Industrial Applications
Remotely operated vehicles (ROV) have a wide variety of uses in the development and infrastructure industries. When constructing, maintaining, and securing aqueducts and dams, ROV's are essential and are able to navigate where people are not capable of travelling. ROV's are equipped with sonar, cameras, GPS positioning technology, laser scaling, cutting tools, water quality sensors, methane sensors, and metal and coatings thickness sensors.

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Aviation Products
Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder
We specializes in helping airlines and private firms by delivering custom designed aircraft maintenance facilities, systems, and equipment, such as aircraft hangars, passenger docking systems, MRO aircraft docking systems , and ground support equipment (GSE). We are capable of doing this due to our seasoned experience and structured network of associations. With a well established record, seasoned team, and a focus on aviation maintenance design, engineering, and products, we see precisely what is required to sustain our client's aircrafts and facilities.

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