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Ovation Precision Control

Ovation's field-proven control applications design techniques developed over five decades of experience in the power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries provide tighter, more precise and predictable control.

  • Advanced Controls

  • A wide variety of advanced Ovation control software incorporating fuzzy logic, model predictive control, and other tools are available to meet the specific control challenges of power generation and water/wastewater treatment facilities.

    Advanced control solutions are available for Environmental Compliance to support NOx, SO2 and CO2 reduction and process efficiency including pump sequencing, combustion optimization, energy management and chemical usage optimization.

    Other available Ovation advanced control packages include Sootblower, SCR and FGD optimization, Steam Temperature optimization, and Fleet Emissions optimization.

    Scenario™ Simulation

    Emerson offers Scenario Simulation solutions using virtual technology with full simulation capability in a reduced hardware configuration. Scenario simulation using virtual technology faithfully replicates the Ovation system by using a few desktop workstations reducing hardware costs and footprint, allowing easy portability for use throughout the facility, and greatly simplifying ongoing simulator maintenance and upgrades to track ongoing control system modifications.

    Scenario simulation is a valuable and flexible tool to improve plant operations. Typical applications include DCS validation prior to its installation, operator training programs, engineering upgrades, and control changes to improve plant performance.