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Mining Solutions

Fulfilling the minerals and metals demand of the world's growing population is a daunting task. Add to it the array of economic, environmental, and political challenges you face and that endeavor can seem nearly impossible sometimes. Nevertheless, your stakeholders expect profitability, which means you need to create process efficiencies and keep your equipment operational, while also ensuring the safety of your staff. That's why companies choose nValid. We work with you to understand your specific challenges, and then help you extract more availability, more productivity, and more efficiency from your operation. Get started today. 

Metals and Mining
To maintain material flow at the lowest cost per ton – faster and with less waste --requires a high degree of automation.  And advanced process control becomes a necessity -- not a luxury.  With Emerson's Smart Mine solution for Nonferrous metals, you'll gain accurate, actionable data, on time and to the right users, and Best in Class technologies and solutions that integrate all areas of the plant -- from the field to the board room.

Mining Solutions
Process Control

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced operations & maintenance costs
  • Reduced utilities costs (water & energy)
  • Improved throughput
  • Reduced waste & rework
Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • Reduced costs of fines, cleanup
  • Environmental shutdown, bad PR, lost stock value
Asset Optimization of critical equipment
  • Improved availability = reduced downtime cost
  • Reduced operations & maintenance costs

Open Pit Mining
nValid can help you implement a condition-based maintenance program that allows you to monitor mobile heavy equipment and use real-time information to predict and prevent breakdowns and slowdowns.  CSI 6500 Machinery Health™ Monitors collect onboard data, which is transmitted across the mine using nValid's Wireless Plant Network to be analyzed by AMS Machinery Health™ Management software. Early warnings regarding abnormal conditions are ranked according to severity and delivered to Maintenance, helping your personnel prioritize critical work orders and avoid costly breakdowns. To complement your condition-based maintenance program, add Rosemount instruments for dependable measurement of machine operating parameters and fuel and oil supplies, and CSI 5200 Machinery Health Oil Analyzer to analyze chemistry changes that are early indicators of machine wear and fatigue.

Protect your plant, your staff, and your community with nValid's Rosemount E-class magmeters, which feature extensive diagnostics and in situ calibration, and can withstand harsh smelter conditions. By utilizing our extensive line of transmitters and sensors, including DP flow and temperature, you'll add reliable, accurate measurements that will reduce the chance of downtime. And with the advanced control capabilities of nValid's DeltaV control system, you'll be able to improve smelter furnace operations—and your bottom line—by optimizing combustion and increasing long-term stability.

Feed Prepartion
nValid can help you achieve the higher reliability needed for continuous  throughput with lower operating maintenance costs.  Using Rosemount instruments, you'll receive reliable measurements -- despite harsh conditions. With AMS Suite and CSI Technologies, you'll get early detection of excess vibration, lubrication issues, or evolving mechanical problems, allowing you to avoid failures before they occur. And as you evaluate your options for improving operations, nValid's Smart Wireless can provide a cost effective method of gathering up-to-date information on many currently unmonitored assets.

Leaching and Precipitation
nValid's analytical instruments can help you ensure safe and efficient ore processing and tight pH control for maximum yield. The accuracy and reliability of Rosemount smart field devices give you the data needed to maintain the right process conditions to reduce reagent consumption, control energy usage, and operate safely.  They are essential to prevent emergencies like cyanide leaks that could have disastrous environmental consequences. Your high temperature and pressure autoclave applications will also benefit from the use of smart instruments with safety designations. And with field-generated diagnostics to support predictive maintenance of essential production assets, your operators will know when critical equipment needs repair or replacement. The end result?  You're able to increase your plant's reliability, maximize throughput/yield, and extract more value from the process.

With nValid technologies, you'll be able to take advantage of safe, cost-efficient hydrometallurgical applications. Our smart, durable Rosemount instruments provide reliable pH, temperature, and flow measurements—with the benefit of online diagnostics that optimize your use of water and additives for maximum metal recovery. nValid's wireless network allows you to continuously monitor expansive leaching areas and other difficult-to-reach places. And with that kind of insight, you'll be able to prevent pad collapse and cable corrosion by spotting their warning signs early—while improving safety by reducing inspection trips to the field. At the same time, you can use our wireless Machinery Health™ Monitor to spot unusual vibration in pumps and other machinery, and prevent them from breaking down unexpectedly.

Flotation and Concentration
You can build a more cost-effective, reliable process with nValid's solutions. Our durable Rosemount pH, level, and flow measurement instruments can withstand the rigors of flotation tanks and slurry flows, while our corrosion-resistant Fisher valves keep your process running where ordinary valves will fail. You'll also be able to repair and replace assets before they malfunction—our CSI vibration measurement and analysis tools monitor critical pumping elements for the telltale signs of wear, and with built-in diagnostics, our smart instruments can alert operators before performance begins to suffer. Put all this together with our DeltaV Digital Automation System, and you'll gain the insight and tight control you need to increase metal recovery and minimize your use of floating reagents. That means a stable, long-running process that saves you time and money.