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Micro Motion

Micro Motion is the world leader in the direct measurement of fluid flow & density.

Micro Motion is a division of Emerson Process Management, the world's largest process measurement and control supplier. In 1977, Micro Motion became the first company to successfully harness the Coriolis effect to measure fluid flow rates, density and temperature. With the advent of the Coriolis meter, Micro Motion provided major improvements over traditional volumetric technologies. With an impressive installed base of meters, Micro Motion can be trusted to provide the best in fluid measurement - and to improve your bottom line.

Whether for liquids, gases, or slurries, Micro Motion's Coriolis technology offers many distinct advantages. These advantages can make your return on investment the best of any process measurement technology. As the Lao PDR representative for Micro Motion, NValid Precision Engineering provides the region with:

  • Direct Mass Flow and Density Measurement with Coriolis Technology
  • The Standard for Reliability, Repeatability and Accuracy
  • Widest Breadth of Products and Applications
  • Experienced Local Support, Service and Training

Measure Mass - Flow Directly!
Because mass is unaffected by changes in pressure and temperature, direct mass measurement is the most accurate way to measure flow. Unlike volumetric devices that require pressure and temperature compensation, a single Micro Motion Coriolis meter does it all, and it does it with greater accuracy. Users of Micro Motion Coriolis meters experience dramatic improvements in accuracy and repeatability while reducing the number of needed devices. Less devices to install and maintain, along with better measurements, result in improved profitability.

Multivariable Measurement from a Single Device!
Getting more from your measurement device means less capital expenditure, reduced installation and maintenance costs, and most importantly, a better return on your measurement investment.

In addition to measuring mass-flow, Micro Motion Coriolis meters also measure:

  • Density
  • Temperature
  • Volume flow rate
Only Micro Motion offers Multi Variable Device(MVD) technology to redefine sensor electronics with multivariable digital processing. Scalable for any flow application. MVD helps your flow meters work smarter, while front-end digital processing dramatically reduces signal noise, while allowing for faster response time.

More Reasons to Use Micro Motion:
  • Industry Specific Solutions and Applications
  • Coriolis Technology: Direct Mass- Flow Measurement
  • Liquid & Gas Flow: One Meter for All Applications
  • Two-Wire, Loop-Powered: Reduces Installation Costs
  • In-Situ Meter Verification Saving Calibration Downtime & Money
  • High Temperatures for Extreme Applications
  • Batching Transmitter: Built-In Capabilities
  • Density Percent Solids Measurements Assuring a Better Quality Product
  • Straight Tube Design for Ease of Cleaning
  • Sanitary Sensors for Regulatory Compliance
  • MVD Technology Providing More Information, Faster
  • HART, Modbus & Fieldbus Communications
  • High Accuracy for Quality and Control
  • Low Cost of Ownership and Quicker Return on Investment