Lift A Loft Ground Support Equipment

Disabled Passenger Lift
Disabled Passenger Lift
  • Accesss Platform
    Full width rear access platform with 600lbs. (245kg) capacity provides room for attendant and passenger in wheelchair or stretcher.
  • Extenda-Deck
    Powered deck with aircraft bumper extends out 4"(1.22m) to access aircraft
  • Control
    Access platform controls include: raise/lower and gate open/close.
    Main platform controls: joystick controller and selector switches for raise/lower, foward/reverse, stabilizers, extend/retract and Extenda-Deck, extend/retract. A thumb- activated toggle on the top of the joystick is provided for steering right or left.
  • Travel Speed
    Proportional up to 3.5 mph
  • Efficiency
    Unit requires only one operator at all times to interface the aircraft and assist the disabled passenger. Unit can be driven at creep speed while elevated for more accurate positioning. Unit can access jet aircraft with doorsills up to 16'9" high
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Lift A Loft APX Series
Lift a loft APX Series
  • Low shut height for accessing the wing or engines on narrow body aircraft
  • 22' working height for a variety of maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Platform acces from driver and passenger seat or from rear
  • Easily removable/stowable guard rails
  • Open cab design is standard
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Pallet Container Dolly
Lift a loft SPX Series
  • Brakes Spring Applied, Pressure Released
  • Deadman Controls
  • Anti-slip Work Surface
  • Holding Valves on Lift Cylinders
  • Emergency Stop Switch (all control stations)
  • Lanyard Attachments
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  • Emerson
  • Fisher Valves
  • Rosemount Instrumentation
  • Wireless Network
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