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Valves and Instruments

Automated Valves

nValid Precision Engineering is an established provider of a wide range of automated valve packages and related components.

nValid Precision Engineering features Emerson's premier automation offerings such as Bettis, Hytork, and FieldQ actuators, Posi-Seal high performance butterfly valves, Topworx switches, ASCO solenoid valves, DVC2000 valve position controllers and EIM motor operators.

We compliment these products with a wide range of process valves, and related accessories in order to provide solutions for the most challenging of process applications. Whether it be ball, plug, butterfly or pinch valves, manufactured in standard or alloy metallurgy, plastic-lined or composite construction, NValid Precision Engineering can meet your exact specification requirements.

nValid Precision Engineering can provide a field audit of your existing manual or aging automated valve installations and make recommendations for retrofit or new replacement components. We service what we sell and our experienced staff can help determine the most economical and reliable solution to your valve automation needs. Click Here to learn more about nValid Precision Engineering' Valve Automation Services Division.

Consider NValid Precision Engineering for all of your Valve Automation Solutions.