Airfield Maintenance

Turnkey Construction - nValid Precision Engineering is able to provide structures and structural facilities, such as aircraft hangars, passenger-docking systems, MRO docking systems, and ring-lock scaffolding. nValid is also capable of providing the scaffolding structures to construct the above mentioned facilities, so that construction of any project is a smooth and fast process for our clients.

Aircraft Hangars
Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars- nValid Precision Engineering specializes in planning
and constructing hangars of any size or type, from arch to span hangars.

Passenger Docking Systems
Passenger Docking System

Passenger Docking Systems - content here

MRO Docking Systems
MRO Docking System

Our aircraft docking system has numerous benefits for companies in the aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector. The aircraft docking system can be assembled quickly and is able to encase any type of aircraft closely, enabling work to be carried out efficiently.

The components are lightweight, easy to handle and yet they are extremely resilient. The aircraft docks are constructed on a mobile basis, enabling faster docking and de-docking. Once assembled the platform and the docking systems become one and form a fluid working area.

Aircraft Recycling
Aircraft Recycling

Aircraft Recycling- When an aircraft reaches the end of its life span, nValid can dismantle and remove it, so our clients will avoid large ramp and storage costs.

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